The beauty studio SVOYA is breathing with love to their clients and it returns hundredfold. You can always feel when the public place opens specially for people. And the clients can feel this special atmosphere and always come back. Our task was just to help with implementation.


The restaurant was opened at historical place: you can see 11th century castle from the window, and an old synagogue. Everything from the name to interior represents the atmosphere of history, and love to culture. Due to the right approach the restaurant became culturally significant for Grodno. Competent analysis of audience and context, the choice of interior style and, of course, love to work by all participants of the process — all these made the success of this place.


The interior of the coffee shop fully comply with its philosophy — it is warm, comfortable and cozy there. Warm colors, chocolate shades, pleasant textiles create a “delicious”, “warming” atmosphere. Details and decor that support the atmosphere of the interior were invented by a creative alliance of designers and owners of the coffee shop. At the children’s area, kids can find textile application. Funny decor on the chairs and other elements of interior, lovely pillows — these are also handmade things.


The client asked to make a design for medical center. It had to be neutral by stylistics, nothing too bright, but stylish and up-to-date at the same time. The main task: whether aged or young man should feel comfortable there. The interior should not be intrusive for patients in order to feel relaxed and lightly.