The interior for the family of 4 people. The clients set a task to design modern, functional interior, with a lot of storage, but at the same time light and not overloaded with details. Natural colors and materials with color accents are the basis of this interior. The exceptions are children’s rooms where you can see many juicy colors.

Zaharova apartment

The interior of the apartment in the center of Minsk, a building of the Stalin era. Clients set a challenge for us to make universal interior — any person should feel comfortable and cozy there. The apartment was made as a rental accommodation. We used neutral and pastel colors to realize this idea.


The name of this project is the main color in the interior and by the way the favourite color of landlady. The work on this object wasn’t easy, we had a lot of various tasks: we had to pick up one color in different materials and chose thoroughly wall texture. With the help of appropriate, reliable and tried materials and similar outlook of landlady and designer you can see the result. Interior turned out the way you see it.


Often interior is a reflection of character and mood of its owner. It can be modest or technicolor, strict or classic — it depends on character. In this case, we had the task to make calm, cozy interior. Bright, snazzy colors were forbidden, but few accents were possible. Owners give preference to wood and metal. This choice was farsighted: calm and comfortable interior can be actual for a long time. We brought the idea to life and took wishes of our clients into account. The result — simple, cozy and peaceful interior. That is why the name of the project is «Calmness».


The interior for the family of 4 members. The clients wanted to see ‘clear’, laconic and at the same time cozy atmosphere, where everything is in its place, lean and mean.


The owners of this house wanted to create an interesting and atmospheric interior. As it always happens, it became a portrait of house owners. They are very active and charismatic people with a sense of humour. What we like the most is their relaxed attitude: to the things, to the project, and to the whole process of cooperation. We got so much pleasure with these clients while creating a design. Perfect conditions for work and creation — when the process become our mutual game, for them and for us!


This interior was made for the family who from the very beginning told us their expectations about interior and described the character of their future space. They value quality materials and realize the significance of good qualitative things. Initially they asked for calm and stylish interior that would look ‘expensive’ in a good sense. At the same time, they didn’t accept any pomposity. Moreover, high-priced decisions didn’t suit them too. Solid — is the right word that can describe our clients’ wish and accordingly the final result.


While making this interior we had a task: to create a fresh, modern interior, while preserving the originality of the round timber itself. So, what difficulties did we face while creating the project? The whole roundness of the timber should have gracefully entered into the interior. Furniture had to fit into the construction of the rounded timber. The house has an outdoor terrace that should be warm. The most difficult task was to glaze the terrace. A wooden house has its own specificity — it is «alive». However, solutions were found. We moved away from the rustic style, preserved the authenticity of the round timber, but at the same time introduced bright modern notes. Therefore, everything looks harmonious. The customers — a family with three children, with whom we made friends during work — were satisfied.


This flat is located in one of the high-rise buildings in the center of Minsk on the upper floor. It has an unusual configuration of carrier walls and its own terrace on the roof. There are 3 tiers in the flat. The first one has straight angles and walls as in any other typical flat. The second tier has unusual radius-shaped walls. The third tier is an exit to the roof to the terrace. The client asked to plan the space and make modern interior in reserved colors. Here you can see the sketch of second tier.