This is a complex of work for accurate implementation of design project. Selection of finishing materials according to the project. On time additions and corrections in project documentation when valid amendment appear. We do remote supervision and by visiting the object.
How do we work

1. Preparation for construction implementation

At the common meeting designer and foreman discuss all the stages and deadlines of implementation. And they pay attention to difficult moments as well. If another brigade do the construction implementation, we negotiate how to communicate and share information then.

2. Visiting the object

Author’s supervision includes visiting the object as needed. The main task is to control that everything is doing according to design project. Even small mistakes can lead to serious problems and changes at following stages.

3. Remote control

There are many questions that appear during the repair and they need a prompt agreement. These questions can be solved by phone, mail or messengers. There is a distant control of implementation at every stage.

4. Selection and confirmation of finishing materials

There organized visits of salons and stores to choose finishing materials and elements of interior that are in design project. If necessary, alternatives can be chosen but maximum close to previous concept. Part of materials for the final choice choose at the object itself.

5. Negotiation and purchase organization

Designer has prior negotiation with managers before he and a customer go to salon to confirm finishing materials and elements of interior. And also he send necessary information to prepare for the meeting or prior calculation. All the following communication with managers of salons and stores (on deliveries’ deadlines according to construction schedule, on preparation of documents and calculation, on emerged questions in the process of production and installation) designer do by himself.

6. Alteration in the project

Everything is interconnected in design project and when any changes occur they should be accounted at further stages. Designer makes alterations in work documentation and informs builders at the object. Extra drafts are necessary to transfer the information about choosing finishing materials.

7. Coordination and consultation on the project

We provide with necessary consultation on occurred questions during the work with customer, contract organizations and foremen. There’s a work coordination between contract organizations that helps to avoid possible mistakes at implementation, and also on time participation in the process on necessary stage.

8. Cooperation

Foreman communicates with designer about occurred questions and other small details on project and its implementation practically every day. Designer necessarily inform foreman about all the changes in the project if any occurred during the choice of finishing materials or substitution on analogue. Also he informs about delivery deadlines and agreements with contractors. If necessary, he notifies foreman in advance about occured unforeseen delays that can influence the work schedule.

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