Project type
125,2 m 2
A place
Belarus, Minsk region
Natalia Kalosha, Elena Shkel, Ivan Lagunchik
While making this interior we had a task: to create a fresh, modern interior, while preserving the originality of the round timber itself. So, what difficulties did we face while creating the project? The whole roundness of the timber should have gracefully entered into the interior. Furniture had to fit into the construction of the rounded timber. The house has an outdoor terrace that should be warm. The most difficult task was to glaze the terrace. A wooden house has its own specificity – it is “alive”. However, solutions were found. We moved away from the rustic style, preserved the authenticity of the round timber, but at the same time introduced bright modern notes. Therefore, everything looks harmonious. The customers – a family with three children, with whom we made friends during work – were satisfied.

Prices are formed individually

Project cost is affected:

  • Area and remoteness of the object
  • Style Features
  • Project complexity
  • Availability of support

The cost of support is affected:

  • Area and remoteness of the object
  • Project complexity
  • Implementation dates linked to the repair schedule
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